Michelle Quinn – Lume Design

October 22nd, 2019

The brief for this Master Ensuite was to create a dramatic, yet functional bathroom that set the tone for the rest of the Master suite and suited the contemporary aesthetic of the home. Accessible only by walking through the dressing room, it was very important that both spaces looked and functioned seamlessly as one luxurious suite.

The palette and material choices were to play a major role in the success of the space. The timber look tile provides plenty of rich tones and grain changes which we replicated in the Prime Panels “Baroque” melamine used throughout the vanity and dressing area. The pearl coloured tiles were used to compliment the use of concrete and oxidized metals throughout the rest of the home and also to provide a light, fresh backdrop for the timber and pops of blackened steel. The skylight in the centre of the space provides plenty of natural light meaning the walls were free of large windows and the tiles could have maximum impact.

Although not vast in size, the clients wanted a large double shower and plenty of storage without compromising the look of the space and making it feel too cluttered. The layout of the ensuite allowed us to create a spacious shower with twin rainheads as well as a double vanity unit with two deep drawers, make up storage and a concealed bin. Custom designed black heated towel rails were suspended from the ceiling and were emphasized by the change in ceiling height, providing plenty of drama as the first thing you see when entering the space, or walking past. We drew inspiration from the towel rails to add some matching black steel detailing to the round mirrors above the vanity. Round details were repeated in the cylindrical light fittings above each basin, as well as in the handles in both the dressing room and the shower glass.

The clients wanted lighting that was both effective for tasks, but also fun and accentuated the drama and detail throughout the space. The timber feature tile is lit from wall to wall to highlight the tonal changes and texture, while the low level lighting under the vanity is used to create soft, ambient light to move throughout the space at night.