NKBA Design Tutors

NKBA courses and workshops are tutored by experienced, award-winning designers. They use a variety of engaging teaching aids and technology to cater for all learning styles and to ensure the classroom is interactive.


Ingrid is an Elite Designer of NKBA and an NKBA Fellow. She tutors the first-year block course for the New Zealand Diploma in Kitchen Design.

Ingrid trained as an interior designer, working for various kitchen and bathroom design companies before becoming self-employed in 1992. Since then, she has employed and trained many talented students who have also gone on to be very successful designers.

Ingrid has worked together with Rachel Barnes, her co-designer, for 21 years, together they have been a very successful formula. In 32 years, Ingrid’s business of creating interior spaces and joinery design has accumulated over 55 design and business awards, including NKBA Designer of the Year.

An active member of the NKBA, Ingrid was the Canterbury Chapter Chair for many years and has served on the NKBA Executive Board, including holding the post of President.

Ingrid is passionate about furthering the benefits and services NKBA provides to its members.


Milvia is an Elite Designer of NKBA and an NKBA Life Member. She tutors the second-year block course for the New Zealand Diploma in Kitchen Design.

Milvia has worked in the kitchen and bathroom design industry for over 30 years. During this time, Milvia has gained a host of qualifications and awards, including Certified Master Kitchen Designer NZ, Certified Master Bathroom Designer NZ, NZ Diploma in Kitchen Design, NKBA Kitchen Designer of the Year, NKBA Bathroom Designer of the Year, and the NKBA Wellington Chapter Recognition Award.

Being an active member of NKBA, Milvia has held a variety of roles on the NKBA Executive Board, including Vice President, President, and Education Representative.

Milvia’s main passion is design, and she appreciates and enjoys working in an industry that allows expression of style, skill, and talent, in an ever-changing landscape.

Using her experience and knowledge, Milvia focuses on transcending and enhancing client’s living spaces, to create a balanced environment.

Joneen Rodgers

Joneen is a Gold Designer of NKBA and tutors NKBA’s 1 and 2-day design workshops.

After a period of study and work abroad in Japan, Joneen started her own business, Hello Home Interiors, which she operated for 12 years. Hello Home Interiors won the Creative Small Space Design Award at the 2023 NKBA Excellence in Design Awards. 

Joneen comes from a design background studying a Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture from Victoria University. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Education and has spent many years tutoring and lecturing at the School of Architecture and Design in Wellington.

Now working for German Kitchens in Wellington, Joneen is passionate about making good design accessible to all and raising the industry standard.