Davinia Sutton – Detail by Davinia Sutton

January 22nd, 2018

The brief was to create a bathroom which encompassed the overall modern approach to the contemporary architecture. Our clients desired a bathroom that re ected sharp clean lines and play on bold form, use of modern materials, ample storage and privacy for the shower zone.

In response, the design captures and complements the boldness of the homes contemporary architecture, with a sharp and bold bathroom design. It was important that the design used modern nishes with minimal bathroom ttings and xtures, an enclosed walk in shower zone and freestanding bath to re ect a contemporary result.

The design embodies a bold statement on entry with a large freestanding engineered stone bath set under a window, with views of the exterior landscaping beyond. Adjacent is the sharp crisp line of a custom- ‐made vanity bowl and plinth, formed from molded Corian set o the back wall. This is highlighted further by the use of the textured engineered veneer, to break the sharpness and juxtapose the boldness of modern forms created by the Corian. Ample storage has been provided below in a veneer- ‐mitered box and above the large mirror unit.

A large walk in dual shower zone is kept private, set in behind a tiled wall whist the toilet is tucked into the opposite corner, which is hidden on point of entry. The palette is bold and strong, with the mix of nishes providing a sense of sharpness and personality. The layout provides a cleaver use of space, whilst the play on forms and nishes ensures the desired connection to modern architectural home.