It’s simple – peace of mind!
Our members are qualified, they participate in on-going industry education and events and most importantly – they are passionate about delivering you the very best room possible. Not just one that looks exceptional, but a room where function and form come together to enhance the way you and your family live your life. From million dollar mansions to a family’s first home – our designers, manufacturers and product suppliers have the expertise to make the most of the money and space you have available.

Choosing a NKBA member gives you:

  • Clarity – make the most of your space, budget and resources. Spatial planning, sun angles, regulations, heights, depths, and social awareness all must be considered in good design.
  • Expertise – anyone can write a will, anyone can wire a house, but do they? No, you call in an expert. The same applies to your kitchen and bathroom design; a small investment in specialist kitchen and bathroom design will save you a lot of money and frustration.
  • Options – expose yourself to a myriad of products, trends, design ideas and finishes you might never have considered.