The winner of the 2018 Student Design Competition was Rachel Wilcox of Kitchen Dynamics. Rachel entered the competition while completing her level 4 qualification in kitchen and bathroom design. Supported and encouraged to enter the awards by her employer Colin Drummond, Rachel says her award entry took time, but it was well worth the investment.

“Just like completing my qualification, entering the student design competition was a bit of an investment in my career. Though it took time to put together, it was hugely beneficial, and I was excited to have won. It came as a big surprise,” says Rachel.

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in spatial design from AUT. After pursuing a career in kitchen and bathroom design she was talked into going further with her education and enrolled in the kitchen and bathroom design training through NKBA.

“The training taught me more about flows and detail. It enabled me to experiment with new materials and different ways of doing things. It just gives you the time to push the boundaries, to focus on different design techniques. It has been great. I also think credentials reassure clients. Generally, they like to work with experienced and qualified designers. It builds trust,” say Rachel.

To anyone who is contemplating study and entering the Student Design Competition, Rachel says to go for it.
“It does take time and it is a commitment, but it is worth it.”