Based in Christchurch, the NKBA Head Office Team run the day-to-day operations of NKBA and work closely with the NKBA Executive Board and local chapter committees to bring you an array of networking events, the NKBA annual conference and Excellence in Design Awards, education and professional development opportunities, and much more!

Rachael Kwok

Executive Officer

Rachael has been with NKBA for the past 6 years and is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, marketing, and day-to-day operations of NKBA and its members. 

Rachael has a passion for design and innovation, and she strives to promote the excellence and professionalism of NKBA and its members in the market.

Rachael has a background in marketing and event management, having worked for the Christchurch City Council for several years, where she led successful campaigns for various cultural and sporting events.

Since joining NKBA, Rachael has implemented a more diverse and effective marketing strategy, resulting in increased brand awareness, membership growth, and industry engagement. 

Contact Rachael if you have questions about NKBA sponsorship, conference, or the Excellence in Design Awards.

Caitlin Adams

Education Manager

Caitlin joined the team in 2021 and is responsible for managing NKBA's education programme. Liaising with BCITO, NKBA tutors, and students, she ensures the smooth running of the NZ Diploma in Kitchen Design block courses and NKBA workshops. Caitlin also represents NKBA in various education advisory groups.

Caitlin is passionate about continued education and is keen to expand NKBA’s course offerings into a comprehensive programme of professional development opportunities.

With a background of 15 years in the ESL sector, Caitlin has extensive experience working with adult learners in a range of teaching, administration, management, and sales/marketing roles. 

Contact Caitlin if you want to learn more about NKBA courses, workshops, or scholarships.

Sharee Berry

Office Administrator

Sharee has been with NKBA for just over a year and her responsibilities include keeping NKBA's member databases up to date, developing NKBA policies and systems, and processing membership applications.

Sharee gained her strong administration, problem-solving, and systems development skills in her previous career as an HR/Health and Safety Supervisor in the transportation, trucking, and railroad industries.

Passionate about helping people, Sharee is NKBA's first point of contact for enquiries.

Contact Sharee for queries about NKBA membership, invoicing, CPD points, and the NKBA Members Area.