Trish Frankland from Christchurch is considered a bit of an expert when it comes to trends. Having been involved in the design arena for forty years, Trish spends a great deal of time keeping ahead of the latest and greatest in kitchen and bathroom materials, styles, colours and innovations. For our Trends Edition we couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to share with us her thoughts on the world of trends…

Why are trends important?
As a designer it’s important to remain aware of all current styles and colours trending in order to offer your clients equal to what’s being offered in Europe and elsewhere, whilst also keeping in mind that New Zealand has its own unique cyclical trends.

What does the word trend mean to you?
To me, a trend, is either a style or colour that is currently being seen frequently in many aspects of design, not necessarily just kitchens or bathrooms. A trend can come and go very quickly or be far more enduring. For example, both “Art Nouveau” and “Art Deco” started as style trends but are now very much icons in the design arenas.

In kitchen and bathroom design, what was the biggest trend for 2019 and what is likely to take over in 2020?
Industrial looks were very strong in 2019, pared back with dark colours, metals etc. The beautiful creations coming from our own New Zealand designers in 2019 emphasised the versatility of kitchen usage with understated looks, created from simple, neutral palettes. I feel both of these will still be apparent for many years to come.
However, 2020 could well become known for a return of strong Art Deco influences and a re-emergence of the ever sophisticated black and white chic, which often features richly veined stones, and luxe touches such as vintage brass.
Bold, retro looks are also likely to be showcased with vintage shapes and eclectic mixes of the mid-century and ‘70s styles.

Where do designers go wrong when following trends?
I think sometimes trying too hard with a trend can be a pitfall. A skilled designer will remember that some trends come and go very quickly and can also date a home in the future. The ultimate with any great kitchen or bathroom design is for a timeless base in an essential part of the home. Whilst there are always some trends which instantly fit a particular project and brief, other factors such as the style of the home, and usage of the kitchen must always be kept to the fore.

What can we expect in kitchen design in 2020?
I believe we will see the emergence of curves, rounded shapes and circles returning to the kitchen this year, bringing softer profiles than those we have seen for a while which is perfectly timed to align with the start of the Art Deco movement 100 years ago!
We’ll see more cabinets on legs – rather like pieces of furniture, often featuring beautiful touches of timber.
I also foresee appliances will continue to be even more futuristic and clever. Attention to good lighting will be essential.

What can we expect in bathroom design in 2020?
I believe the bathroom area will also see a softening of shapes in 2020. Vanities will show soft Art Deco style rounded edges and corners, and baths and bowls will follow this shape. Great tiling, used as a feature, will be important with some clever usages of herringbone and mosaic effects.
Our designers will likely be creating increasingly smarter designs with creative use of space for both usage and storage coming into play.