NKBA Releases Trends Survey Results

The NKBA released the results of its annual trends survey this month. As predicted by many designers, 2023 will be the year of colour, bold design choices and contemporary finishes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights.


28% of NKBA designers said white will still dominate our cabinet fronts, however the remaining 70% of designers were split across many hues. Designers are predicting a varied use of colour including timber, grey, shades of green, sand, desert, blue and beige. Only 1.8% of designers suggested black was on trend for the upcoming year.

For cabinetry finish in 2023, 38% of NKBA designers predict matte will be the finish of choice followed closely by a textured look.


For splashbacks, NKBA designers say we are going to see much more of what we have seen in recent years, with the most popular trend a seamless look from bench top to splashback. This has been a consistent result over the past few years that the survey has been running,


The trends survey showed that for benchtops, designers will continue to favour porcelain, with 48% of designers predicting porcelain will be the benchtop material of choice, followed by 33% suggesting it will be engineered stone.

What’s Hot!

Other interesting NKBA survey results included that 35% of designers believe kitchens of 2023 will be modern and contemporary and that 19% of designers predict integrated appliances, followed by plenty of storage and innovative technology will be the most in demand items for kitchens in the year to come.

How busy are our designers?

Over the past two years, supply and demand issues have been leading to cost increases and delays in delivery. Though 2023 will still see some pressures, NKBA designers are noticing a drop off in demand and lessening of product delays.

The survey showed that 48% of NKBA designers are busy, but keeping up with demand, while 20% of designers said work was consistent. 44% of designer said supply of materials has improved. However, 28% said there are still some products that are difficult to source including stone and appliances.

Design to delivery timelines

More than 55% of work completed by NKBA members are renovations, followed by 35% working on new home builds. The average kitchen is currently taking 3-4 months to complete from design to install.


The biggest question on everyone’s lips, is what about the cost? According to NKBA members, 31% of kitchens designed in 2022 cost $40,000-$60,000, 24% said $30,000-$40,000 and 7% cost over $80,000.


In the bathroom, NKBA members overwhelming predicted that luxurious and relaxing spaces are going to be the most popular with creative lighting and two person showers on the wish list for many. The average bathroom budget would need to be $20,000- $30,000 with just 4% of bathrooms budgeting more than $50,000.