The 2021 NKBA fellows were announced at the Excellence in Design awards ceremony, with three incredible professionals taking to the stage to receive applause and to be bestowed as Fellows of NKBA.

Congratulations to:
Celia Visser
Ingrid Geldof
Mark Jones

Celia Visser of Celia Visser Design has been in the design and construction industry for more than 30 years and is a Designer of NKBA, a member of DINZ and a long-term ambassador and board member of CDS. She is a multi-award winner and a passionate designer with an unwavering dedication to improving the professionalism and recognition of the design industry. Celia is the current CDS Chairperson and her direction and drive has been instrumental in the merger of CDS and NKBA.

Ingrid Geldof of Ingrid Geldof Design has won more than 55 designs awards and has 30 years’ experience in the industry. She is widely recognised throughout New Zealand as a leader in kitchen and bathroom design and a mentor to many up and coming and established NKBA designers. She has been a NKBA President, board member, NKBA Award’s judge and has dedicated countless hours to the growth and development of NKBA New Zealand.

Mark Jones of Jones Family Business has been a member of NKBA for many years. Mark’s exceptional, longstanding dedication to our industry makes him a deserved recipient of an NKBA Fellowship. Working in the appliance industry for over forty years, Mark has grown a small family business into a highly successful nationwide retailer and was instrumental in introducing premium European design trends to New Zealand shores. Mark is skilled in developing relationships, and his engaging, charismatic personality serves him well in mentoring new designers and fostering industry growth. Well done, Mark!