NKBA Survey Results Infographics v1 2048x1770

Thank you to all the members that participated in the NKBA Survey. It was a very valuable exercise that was well received online by the readers of Stuff.co.nz.

Many of you provided us with insightful commentary alongside your survey results, and so we wanted to share some of these gems with the rest of our NKBA community.

Lydia Posthuma – Sage Doors
“I see a huge space for working with textures like woodgrains and concrete. People think they want plain gloss white cabinetry, but then when they see other options, they fall in love with something simple, but different.”

Nicole Wood – Spin Design
“I am very much looking forward to new technologies in LED lighting to introduce into kitchen cabinetry design.”

Sandy Eagle – Sandy Eagle Design
“I am really looking forward to the new Florim stone which falls into the porcelain / ceramic bench top and cabinet front product range. It’s very exciting.”

Carli Scoles – Ninety Degree
“I think we’re going to see kitchens as furniture pieces with thin benchtops/mixed textures and different planes. I’m looking forward to working with any new and smart products that minimise workload in the kitchen and help to make kitchens a place where life is first and kitchen hassle is second!”

Justin Brown – Total Kitchens
“I want to work with more colours in the matt acrylic board range, as this has been popular. I would like to see more minimalistic looking handles for that ‘handle less’ look. I think timbers are still hugely popular, so I would also like to see melamine timber board looking more like timber veneer, so it looks more realistic.”

Nicky Claridge – NC Design
“I am looking forward to textured melamine, techno-porcelain surfaces and further advancement on appliance integration.”