Course Length: 2 years
Block Courses: 2 x 5 day courses (one per year)
Assignments: 4 (2 per year)
Prerequisites: Students must be employed in the kitchen industry and have at least 6-12 months experience designing kitchens using CAD.


2023 Course Dates:

Dates are subject to minimum numbers.

Year 1 (OJT1)

Wellington  8-12 May
Auckland 29 May-2 June
Auckland 21-25 August
Auckland 30 October-3 November

Year 2 (OJT2)

Auckland    27-31 March
Wellington  8-12 May
Auckland  29 May-2 June
Christchurch 24-28 July
Auckland 21-25 August
Auckland 11-15 September
Wellington 9-13 October
Auckland  30 October-3 November
Christchurch 20-24 November

2023 Fees:

Payments of fees can be made as one payment or with smaller regular instalments by credit. Note that some students are eligible for Fees Free study. Call 0800 4 BCITO to find out more.

Year 1 (OJT1)

Sign up fee $1,550
Course fee $1,350
Total $2,900


Year 2 (OJT2)

Annual fee $850
Course fee $1,350
Total $2,200

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to develop or extend their kitchen design skills.

It explores the impact that building construction, mechanical systems and cabinet manufacture have on kitchen design and installation. Students brush up on customer service and taking a brief, and also gather information on materials, appliances, and aesthetics. Specific space planning and ergonomic guidelines are applied to various examples so students can practise creating and presenting the best solutions to a client.

‘Having worked in the Kitchen Design industry for 8 years, I had heard about the NKBA Diploma in Kitchen Design course many times and for me it seemed a little unnecessary; I was already a qualified Interior Designer who had been designing kitchens for 8 years. However part of me was always interested in doing the course, I would think “Someday, when I get time, after I have caught up on all my current jobs” (we all know this never happens, as there is always more work to be done).  Anyway, I was very lucky to get the opportunity to attend the course thanks to my current employer who encouraged my colleague and I to take the course and WOW, I have just completed the first off-job training week and absolutely loved it! The first half of the course is facilitated by Mark Bruce and was more in depth than I thought, we explored many fundamentals of kitchen design, from optimal dimensions, space planning, considerations to make with different styles of architecture, structures behind the initial consultations, developing the brief, and building strong client relationships to name a few. Each day Mark kept things fun by including design planning challenges, trips to suppliers and factories, with team building and discussion with the other designers in the course. Overall the course was 100% worthwhile, interesting and very enjoyable, I would definitely do it again. Looking forward to the second off job training week.’

Rachel Izett, BespOak Kitchens & Furniture


For more information please call 03 322 1957 or email