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The Christmas season is upon us and we ask where has this year gone?! We are all in the final preparations to keep clients happy and making sure everything goes according to plan. It is traditionally a very busy time for our industry, good luck with a smooth end to the year.

2016 Conference has just been wrapped up and there is a huge effort from the efficient NKBA office planning for 2017. What a mammoth task it is. Thank you to all our sponsors who have already signed up for 2017, we appreciate your support. Without your sponsorship NKBA would not be able to offer our members the fantastic conference and awards experience that we share each year.

Huge congratulations goes to Simone van der Plas, Robin Caudwell and Damian Hannah who were selected finalists at the recent Society of British and International Design (SBID) Awards. The winner of the KBB category for 2016 went to a UK designer.

This is a distinguishable achievement for our NKBA designers and to be selected as a finalist is no mean feat. We are very proud of your success. All of the winners and finalists will be featured in The Global Interior Design 2016 coffee table book. Each category undergoes a stringent two-tier judging process by panels of leading industry experts for both technical content and aesthetic creativity.

Robin attended the Award ceremony held at The Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, London. He said it was absolutely amazing and an eye-opening experience.

Over the past few months the new Executive Board and office have been busy considering the established strategic plan and reviewing it for 2017 and beyond. With each new Board and change of some Board members comes a new mix and consequently a different energy. It is a healthy thing as it means the direction of the Association doesn’t stagnate and the direction re-evaluated.

Underpinning this of course is the governance of the NKBA Constitution, strategic plan, policies and procedures, along with a succession plan focusing on the strength and stability of the Association. This gives confidence to the Board to re-evaluate where we have been while endeavouring to bring fresh vision and focus for you, our members.

A huge thank you to many of you who support the NKBA, from our Chapter Chairs; Leonie Metge (Auckland), Tracy Murphy (Bay of Plenty), Alison Thirkettle-Tawharu (Wellington), Lian Brownson (Taranaki) and Sandy Eagle (Canterbury) along with their committees plus those who help organise events and speakers for our smaller Chapters - thank you! We realise life is full and to set the time aside we hope benefits your businesses and strengthens our industry as a whole.

One of our focuses next year will be on membership acquisition. We are committed to increasing our membership portfolio with reputable designers, suppliers and manufacturers. Our membership criteria has become more stringent to ensure the standard in New Zealand is upheld. Designer members who apply for membership must now provide a recent set of plans and elevations and supplier and manufacturer members must provide copies of warranties / guarantees that are issued to the customer. This information is provided to the Executive Board along with reports from the NKBA office and the local chapter for final membership consideration. 

It is important to grow our membership so NKBA can improve our marketing, publicity while promoting education, conference and award programmes to our members. We must establish and maintain a strong relationship with our industry peers and other partners to ensure NKBA’s continued growth. We welcome recommendations of any designer / business you would like to see join the NKBA.

NKBA growth is evident by the increase of members this year to record attendance at conference and 47 first time attendees. The 2016 Excellence in Design Awards showcased 94 entries, a record number. The Emerging Designer Award category, which was open to first or second time entrants, had 28 entries. The most recent National Certificate in Kitchen Design course held at Blum had 14 students and a total of 60 students are currently studying Kitchen and Bathroom design.

Our bi-monthly newsletters in 2017 will feature some fresh and exciting new content including a designer interview section and an opportunity for chapters to provide content. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, either from sponsors or NKBA, please let us know.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Best Regards,


Annemarie Mains
NKBA President


NKBA team 20 years ago

Hasn’t the NKBA grown in 20 years!

Can you find the following people in this photo? If you recognise anyone else, please let us know. Peter & Annette King, Peter Baylis, Linda Christensen, Lesley Waite, Judy Bark, Sue Gillbanks, Nicola Cumming, Hilary Preston, Sandra Grummit, Marilyn Shaw, Helene Newson (admin for KBD) and Toni Roberts at the back with a "Mr Woody's" hat on!




Originally from Huntington Beach, California – DCS designed North America’s very first professional outdoor grill and continues to be the brand against which other grills are measured. Every component is constructed from 304 Stainless steel, welded either by hand or robotically giving the grills a very fine, but robust finish. Fisher & Paykel’s DCS Grills are not barbeques, they’re professional grills made for searing, roasting, slow cooking, grilling and

baking – capable of reaching temperatures up to 450°C, their premium performance and construction makes them tough engineering marvels.

Available in 4 variants and designed to sit either on a stainless mobile cart or ‘built-in’ to integrate into an outdoor kitchen space (as pictured), DCS Grills are your professional Kitchen in the backyard.

CLICK HEREDCS Fisher & Paykel logo

DCS Grills



Hettich are a brand renowned for quality cabinetry hardware and manufacturing high quality products for all areas of the home.

The integrated Pull Bin System from Hettich is tough and reliable; with the lightest touch the system slides away silently out of sight. The system is used in conjunction with Hettich’s award winning drawers; ArciTech providing impressively smooth even Actro running performance or with InnoTech Atira running on the high quality Quadro runner. The powder coated steel frame of the pull system sits securely attached to the Hettich drawer system supporting the liner bins.

The Pull Bin system is available in multiple bin configurations offering excellent solutions for sorting and storing recyclables. There are a number of sizes ranging from 8 litres to 42 litre buckets, in two or four way waste separation. The bins are hygienic and easy to clean, with

Hettich drawer system
Hettich drawer system

every bin in the range coming with a top mounted cover that acts as an odour-minimiser against unwanted smells.

The drawer sides of each Pull Bin system are designed in conjunction with ArciTech or InnoTech Atira so it will perfectly match the look and feel of the rest of the kitchen drawers. The runners are hidden away under the drawer sides, completing the streamlined look that completely matches the overall chosen drawer system.

The cost effective Hettich Pull Waste System offers a wide range of options to fit into cabinet widths from 300mm – 600mm, weight capacity depends on the runner catering to the load capabilities of 40, 60 or 80kg for ArciTech. In addition Hettich has a laundry range which includes a lightweight, but durable hamper basket.

View Hettich’s full range of waste and laundry solutions on the website.




Upcoming courses are being held in Auckland in February, May and September 2017 and other regions based on demand. Keep an eye on the NKBA website for updates.

Applications for the 2017 scholarships will be open soon! Are you interested in gaining your qualifications or do you have a staff member thinking about it? This could be the opportunity to kick-start that journey. More information coming soon...

OPD Points:
Professional Members, your OPD points for 2016 are due end of February 2017, 10 points are required annually. Forms will be sent out soon and will be available for download on our website.

CDS Pop-Up Days:
WATCH THIS SPACE - Big things are in the planning stages, something you are all going to love.

Not a CDS Member and want to get involved with the goings-on in the design arm of the NKBA? Get in touch with us and we can talk you through the process. You don’t have to be qualified or studying - you can join as an Associate Member... we’d love to have you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Carefully crafted to ensure quality and consistency, the Laminex Timber Veneer range provides a sophisticated alternative to solid wood. Laminex New Zealand is revitalising the existing Laminex Timber Veneer offer with a new range of pre-finished timber veneer panels.

The new range of finished timber veneer panels are pre-finished with a performance coating that enhances the scratch and stain resistance of the surface when compared to traditional veneer, and eliminates the requirements for sanding, staining and coating.

Made from re-coloured and reengineered veneers, the Laminex Finished Designed Timber Veneer range provides consistent colour and a linear structure through the panel and across multiple panels, eliminating the need to side or end match. Available across nine different decors, these panels are available in two sided panels, or as a single sided panel with a laminated white rear side. Matching ABS edgetape is available for all colours.

Laminex Finished Natural Timber Veneer panels are an un-coloured option peeled from American White Oak logs. Being a natural timber, the panels showcase the woodgrain characteristics you would expect from a timber veneer product, with the added benefit of being pre-finished providing a durable surface. The pre-finished American White Oak panels are available as both a crown or quarter cut option with matching ABS edgetape.

“Traditionally, specifying a veneer product can become extremely complicated” says Laminex New Zealand Marketing Development Manager Cassey Lindberg. “This new range of Laminex finished timber veneer panels removes all of the complexity and also gives confidence in the end result; the pre-finished surface is not only extremely durable, it ensures consistency in colour and design from sample to panel.”

Laminex timber veneer

Laminex Finished Timber Veneer panels are suitable for interior vertical and light wear horizontal applications, making them ideal for wall lining and furniture as well as office, retail and hospitality fit outs. All Laminex Timber Veneer panels are backed by a 7 year limited warranty providing peace of mind for your next project. For more information please visit www.laminex.co.nz or contact your Laminex New Zealand sales representative.

Laminex Timber Veneer


This spring, Purecoat® by Melteca® introduces eleven new decors to its range of striking, contemporary gloss panels. Made in New Zealand using cutting-edge UV coating technologies, Purecoat by Melteca delivers a mirror-like gloss finish across a range of solid colours, woodgrains and patterned decors inspired by the Melteca range of quality low pressure laminated panels.

Laminex Timber Veneer

In addition to a UV stable surface, Purecoat panels are antimicrobial, stain resistant and easy to clean. These highly reflective panels are ideal for vertical applications such as drawers, cabinet doors, wall linings and large feature panels in both residential and commercial spaces.

“We are still seeing a strong shift towards reflective and glossy surfaces within the home, so the new additions to the range provide more design flexibility and choice, not only when it comes to high gloss options, but premium finishes within interior environments as a whole” says Marketing Development Manager, Cassey Lindberg. The surface of the Purecoat panels

offer a higher level of scratch resistance compared to many traditional two pack paint systems, high gloss vinyl and high gloss acrylic panels.

Purecoat by Melteca panels are manufactured on Lakepine® MR ZERO (Moisture Resistant, E0 low formaldehyde emitting) Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) substrates providing an ideal platform for a consistent and smooth decorative finish, as well as being a more environmental choice. The innovative coating technology contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and the surface is cured using ultraviolet light containing silver ions to provide effective, long term antimicrobial protection, reducing the overall level of harmful bacteria in the environment and the likelihood of cross contamination. This makes Purecoat by Melteca a great choice for applications where hygiene is critical.

The new decors are available as a single sided gloss panel with a colour matched, satin finished reverse side. Still included in the Purecoat range is the double sided painted gloss options of Frost, Milk and Ink Black. Each décor is readily available in an 18mm, 2440x1220mm finished panel with matching mirror gloss 1mm laser and PVC edgetapes.

Backed by a 10 year warranty and the experience of Laminex New Zealand’s technical services team, Purecoat by Melteca is the ideal choice for premium interior surfaces where a true high gloss look is desired.

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As a designer, you know that seeing is believing. Even better is the chance to grip, walk around and stand beside the kitchen layout you’re proposing.

Blum is here to support you with a client experience showroom that showcases the latest hardware ranges. However it’s not enough to merely provide examples of kitchen equipment. So Blum has created a designer’s consultation room for you to book as an extension of your office alongside the Kitchen Test Drive.

The Kitchen Test Drive is a space with individual cabinets on rollers. Blum’s Showroom Consultants will set up your kitchen design so it’s ready and waiting for your client meeting – with a freshly made coffee of course.

This unique tool for designers enables client visualisation with a 1:1 scale kitchen model. Clients can physically experience a sense of volume, workflows and the spatial relationships of their new kitchen’s zones. They can feel rather

than simply imagine putting away the shopping, emptying the dishwasher, cooking dinner and tidying up. It’s a 3-dimensional, immersive demonstration of kitchen design principles.

To add the Blum showroom to your consultation space contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Smeg semi-flush cooktops


When designing a built-in kitchen, it can be difficult to find the right appliances that will integrate into a modern, flat look. This is particularly true of gas cooktops, as trivets tend to rise high above the benchtop and give your otherwise seamless kitchen an unfinished look.

Smeg semi-flush cooktop

Trust the Smeg tried and true semi-flush gas cooktop to elevate your kitchen design! These cooktops appear flat and will blend in wonderfully with a square-line design.

Because the cooktop is inset into the bench, the appliance is also easier to maintain and clean, as overflowing liquids are contained.

For a completely integrated and streamlined kitchen, try Smeg’s set of compact ovens – these state-of-the-art appliances give the user access to a full set of cooking methods, such as a

convection or fan-forced oven with microwave, and a combined steam oven with static elements, fan-forced oven or full steam.

At just 600mm wide and 450mm high, Smeg’s compact ovens can be installed at chest or eye level, making it both safer and easier to use. No more constant bending and reaching from the oven to the bench!

Smeg compact ovens are available in three key ranges: Linea for a streamlined, minimalistic look, Classic for a modern, timeless design, and Victoria for a retro chic kitchen.

Season's Greetings from Smeg

Thanks to all NKBA members for your support this year. On behalf of Smeg and the Jones Family Business, we wish you a lovely holiday season!




We understand that you, as a Kitchen design professional aim to create a stunning look and feel to suit your client’s brief. But what can you recommend to clients to ensure the finishing touches are taken care of?

At Kitchen Things, as specialists in premium European appliances we recommend specifying a built-in dishwasher or fully integrated dishwasher – to ensure there are no under bench gaps.

A built-in dishwasher slides under-bench and is adjusted to the height of the benchtop. The dishwasher feet are concealed by a toe-kick which matches the depth of the kitchen cabinetry recess, leaving you with no dead space or dust traps!

Fully integrated dishwasher

To achieve perfect integration, look no further than specifying a fully integrated dishwasher. The dishwasher will blend and match your design and give your client a seamless result.

Contact your local Kitchen Things store today to discuss our wide range of premium dishwashers in built-in or fully integrated. To find your nearest store click here.

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Is that whitewash too pale, but the black stain too dark? Now there’s a happy medium with the new on-trend Resene Colorwood Greywash.

Resene Colorwood Greywash can be used on everything from interior wooden flooring, to walls, cabinetry, furniture and more. It’s based on Resene Colorwood Whitewash but with extra black tint, that scandi whitewash look becomes a softer greywashed look. It’s available in two standard finishes or you can create your own greywash intensity by applying tinted Resene Colorwood stain first, then overcoating with Resene Colorwood Greywash.

View the colour options in the Resene Colorwood colour range brochure or online, www.resene.co.nz. Resene Colorwood Greywash is available from Resene ColorShops and selected resellers.



Häfele has launched a new end consumer site called Ideas for Living. The site, www.ideasforliving.co.nz, is an inspirational platform showcasing the impressive range of elegant yet functional designs from Häfele. Stunning photography and ingenious products give homeowners the opportunity to visualise their perfect kitchen and, with clear navigation tabs, users can easily browse the extensive Häfele collection of kitchen accessories.

Häfele's new site called Ideas for Living

The site will also showcase Häfele’s extensive range of creative lighting and electrical options, living solutions and many more Clever Storage solutions for use across the home, inspiring visitors to create their ideal living spaces.

The new site also provides a convenient Studio Locator function which currently lists many of New Zealand’s finest kitchen showrooms supplying Häfele products. With this exclusive list of Studio Partners expanding over the coming months, visitors to the site are directed to only the best and most aspirational Häfele suppliers, within easy reach.

Simon Lount, Product and Marketing Manager at Häfele says: “With over 90 years’ experience, our unparalleled market knowledge places Häfele products at the forefront of the industry, offering an unrivalled combination of value and outstanding quality.

“At Häfele we don’t sell direct to the consumer, we choose to partner with the finest kitchen studios across the country. Our Ideas For Living website will help direct homeowners to these exceptional designers and inspire them with the ideas and solutions that will turn their dream homes into a reality.”

In line with the consumer website launch, Häfele will be rolling out a series of new brochures throughout the year, showcasing the latest Häfele designs. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to download the brochures directly as well as picking up copies from the exclusive list of Häfele-approved studio partners.

Established in Germany, and now operating worldwide, Häfele specialises in premium fittings, hardware and systems that improve the way homes work, including assisted living solutions and ingenious storage ideas for those with limited space. The Häfele range features over 25,000 products providing trade professionals with an industry-leading solution to fulfil every customer need.

Häfele's new site called Ideas for Living

To find out more about becoming a Häfele studio partner, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more information about Häfele products, www.ideasforliving.co.nz, follow us on Instagram @ideasforlivingnz and like us on facebook.com/freshcutsbyhafele.

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Parex Industries, the agent of Schweigen New Zealand celebrated the launch of their new Outdoor Rangehoods in November. Hosted at Blum’s Showroom, the barbeque themed launch meant that guests were treated to nibbles straight off the BBQ as well as a product demonstration of the stylish outdoor hood.

With outdoor living areas becoming an extension of living rooms and kitchens, it’s important to think of how both spaces can be integrated and share a similar vibe. Schweigen BBQ rangehoods are available in a sleek wallmount design in either 1200mm or 1500mm.

Schweigen’s BBQ rangehoods are the perfect ventilation system for BBQ’s or outdoor cooking. Much like Schweigen’s indoor silent rangehoods, the BBQ systems have a similar concept where the motor is placed away from the hood so that the unit operates quietly while removing fumes and odours from the cooking area.

These new BBQ rangehoods are available at appliance retailers including Weber BBQ Outlets, Harvey Norman, KOUZINA, Noel Leeming, Lifestyle Appliances, Kitchen Things, Heathcotes and independent appliance retailers.

Schweigen’s BBQ rangehood

For more details on this and other Schweigen products please visit Schweigen.co.nz

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Hafele product images


Nature has given us exceptional marble and granite. Innovation, engineering and technology have given us incredible manmade quartz and porcelain slabs. Architectural Stone is proud to offer the best of these to New Zealand homes and businesses; we’ve been doing so for over 13 years. Come and visit us today to check out our impressive range of material.

At Architectural Stone, our mission is to provide the best quality solid surfaces to New Zealand homes and businesses. We have been in business for more than 13 years fabricating surfaces of natural stone, engineered quartz, and porcelain.

Fully integrated dishwasher

We’re based on Auckland’s North Shore - visit our showroom to discuss your project and view our impressive range of material.

65A View Road, Wairau Valley
(09) 443 6314
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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We are the proud suppliers of copper kitchen sinks, copper basins, copper bathtubs, mirrors and more. All hand made with high quality workmanship by skilled artisans in Mexico.

Copper is a living metal that is 100% sustainable, recyclable and has anti-bacterial properties. Add an element of warmth, character and something unique to your design. Copper will contrast or complement any number of materials and will provide an elegance that befits your home.

We provide wholesale prices for trade clients, enquire now. See our new showroom, opening early December, at 1 Kawana Street, Northcote, within Newtique Boutique’s showroom or one of our display partners like F L Bone, Auckland, Hastings and Queenstown.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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All Things Copper

Bcito infometrics



On 31 October Milvia Hannah (Tutor) ran the five-day Diploma course hosted by BCITO Wellington. Students came from across NZ, all with the same goal of completing the course successfully and developing their knowledge in subjects ranging from elements and principles of design through to project management.

Sarah Burrows of Sarah Burrows Design told us, “I completed my Level 4 Certificate in Kitchen Design while working in the joinery sector and graduated in early 2016. I’ve since moved towns and started my own business. Wanting to improve my skill set and industry point of difference, I decided to do the Level 5 Diploma. Eight years ago I completed an Interior Design Diploma. In doing the Level 5 Diploma I’ve refreshed my knowledge of design principles, elements, and lighting - specifically relating to kitchen design. I really value Milvia’s knowledge and expertise in the industry. It is a privilege to have had this opportunity”.

Eugen Grab completed his apprenticeship in Joinery and Cabinetry in Germany. He specialised and worked in the industry in Europe for eight years before making the move to NZ with his family. Eugen has been based in Nelson for the past two years working at Bays Joinery. He says, “I’m looking forward to completing my Diploma - it adds credibility and helps to define the professionals in our field”.

Jane Fergusson has worked for more than six years as an architectural draughtsperson before focusing on her career of choice; Kitchen Design. After completing her Level 4 National Certificate in Kitchen Design, Jane decided that her next goal

would be to undertake the Diploma. Jane says, “The diploma course has honed my creative confidence, it cohesively combines colour, design, texture of form - bettering my skills”.

At the start of November more than sixty students are completing their Level 4 National Certificate in Kitchen Design through BCITO. Sixty have completed 25% or more of their qualification. That means industry will have gained sixty qualified professionals by 2018. That’s an exciting prospect!

If you’re interested in becoming part of the growing number of formally qualified Kitchen Designers in New Zealand, contact BCITO now on 0800 422 486 or visit www.bcito.org.nz/design to find out more.

BCITO students

Pictured: Left to right Sarah Burrows, Milvia Hannah (Tutor), Eugen Grab and Jane Fergusson

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.